Digitization in the HR sector

CEOs and employees expect digitization in HR to improve performance, cut costs and increase competitiveness. Employees expect a digitized workplace that reflects the personalization, speed, and connectivity they experience outside of work. Innovations such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automated chat bots offer opportunities to meet these expectations. However, according to Gartner (2019), 80% of companies do not yet have the digital technology to perform their work efficiently..3

Digital technologies make it possible to design processes in such a way that they are easily perceived. Another goal is the reduction of administrative activities in order to create more time and free capacity for strategic and value-adding activities in the HR area – e.g. for talent management and strategic HR consulting for the business units and executives. In addition, the HR processes of tomorrow will be digital, in the cloud.

We offer the following consulting services:

Identification & analysis of the fields of action and consultation of possible implications and solution options

Survey of technical requirements and analysis for selected fields of action

HR project management for the implementation of measures and solutions to close the gap in digitization fields of action

If you need support in selecting technologies and software, we offer corresponding services in our HR Technologies & HR Software Portfolio.

Identification & analysis of fields of action

Digitization in HR can affect elements and processes of the entire employee lifecycle. So the whole “hire-to-retire” process – from the hiring process to retirement. The Employee Life Cycle can be well described by the following six phases:

Human Resources Planning | Reporting | Forecasting | HR Controlling | Dashboards | People Analytics


Learning & Development | Skill Management | Talent Management

Performance Management | Compensation Management

Employee Administration | Payroll | Time Management | Organization Management | Self Service (Employee, Manager, HR) | BW and BO reporting | Health & Safety Management

Together, we identify and analyze digital fields of action for HR work in your company, consider possible implications and develop solution options. Whether you are just starting to digitize your HR processes or you are already advanced in this field. Based on your current customer situation, we illuminate the status quo and develop simplifications and automation options.

For example, it can be about the introduction of a digital personnel file, bots and chatbots, improvement of your employee surveys using artificial intelligence, introduction of digital tools in the recruitment of new employees or introduction of digital learning platforms and skills management. Often, numerous manual steps are still required in numerous personnel processes and a large number of manually created or managed documents and files (“hand-manufacturing”) are still in use. Let’s improve it together!

To get you started, we also offer an HR Innovation Starter Package to identify initial opportunities and fields of action in your area that will enable more efficient and modern HR work through digitization.

Technical requirements elicitation

In order to prepare for technology or software selection for the selected fields of action, the business requirements must be collected and prepared. This is the only way to ensure that the solution selected below actually meets the relevant needs of the HR department, its employees or end users. The requirements can be functional requirements, non-functional requirements, usage requirements or even legal requirements (e.g. data protection). Requirements can be elicited top-down, bottom-up, or through a combined approach. The created requirements document is usually handed over to the IT department and/or compared with the offer of the various providers (vendors) during the technology or HR software selection process. It is an important map for achieving the desired goal, because

If you don’t know where you want to go, don’t be surprised if you end up somewhere else entirely
– Mark Twain

HR Project Management

In this area, we are happy to support you as a project manager, sub-project manager and/or coach on the specialist side (HR) for corresponding automation and digitization projects of HR processes or HR-related processes and workflows. These include e.g. Project tasks such as project set-up, creation, coordination and communication of project plans, stakeholder management as well as support of the implementation of measures and solutions such as pilots, MVPs (Miniumum Viable Products) as well as roll outs. As an extended arm of your HR department, we manage the project together with IT, Finance and other internal and external organizations involved in your project. We work here according to proven concepts of project management (IPMA, PMI).

Your advantage is that we can fully concentrate on your project and your employees do not have to do these project management tasks in addition to their turbulent daily business. It is precisely this “on the side” that is always an underestimated risk, which can lead to a non-successful project conclusion. This is usually not due to a lack of qualifications, but to a lack of structure and communication of the procedure or simply a lack of time. We take the necessary time and you will find the right offer under HR project management.

Feel free to contact us and let’s talk about your individual needs. We are looking forward to your inquiry!