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HR Tech Consulting GmbH
We are a young, up-and-coming business and management consultancy for people analytics and digitalization in the HR sector. With our strategic, creative and analytical expertise from a single source, we empower executives and employees to understand and leverage people data and digital technologies for insight, innovation and sustainable business success.

Purpose & Values

“Wir befähigen Führungskräfte und Mitarbeiter, People Daten und digitale Technologien zu verstehen und für Erkenntnis, Innovation und nachhaltigen Geschäftserfolg zu nutzen.”

“We empower Leaders and Employees to understand People Data and digital Technology and to use it for knowledge, innovation and sustainable business success.”


Start Up - Dr. Claudia Salomon | HRtech Consulting GmbH

Dr. Claudia Salomon
Managing Director & Managing Partner

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