People Analytics

People analytics (also known as HR analytics or workforce analytics) is becoming increasingly important in HR. Companies that use people analytics analyze employee-related data to gain data-driven insights to derive key drivers for decisions and actions. Through people analytics, enormous potential can be unleashed and data-driven HR management can be implemented and profitably used in the company.

In the future, HR will be able to use the digitization and capacities freed up by people analytics to focus more on the individual needs of employees and managers and to expand its position as a sparring partner for the business. Technological progress allows HR data to be systematically analyzed and linked to other corporate data. This ranges from purely descriptive reporting to advanced types of analysis such as predictive analytics.

Our People Analytics consulting portfolio offers you three choices:

Consulting on the holistic introduction (or further development of People Analytics) as a method and HR competence in your company

Selection of individual consulting modules for the introduction or further development of people analytics in your company

People Analytics as a Service (PAaaS) – Support of specific Analytics projects”on demand”

All In

We support the holistic introduction (or further development) of People Analytics as a method and HR competence in your company. Our approach is based on six proven building blocks, starting with the site and maturity analysis and ending with the selection of the right hardware and software.

Studies show that companies that use advanced people analytics achieve a 30 percent higher return on investment than their competitors who do not. With the help of people analytics, the HR department can identify the right levers in HR management, derive targeted measures and make its strategic contribution to the company’s success measurable.

In addition, the satisfaction of employees and managers increases, who clearly benefit from professional HR data management. And the HR department’s reputation is rising and developing or consolidating in the desired direction of strategic partner at eye level and a firm seat at the decision-makers’ table.


The modules from the all-in approach can also be booked individually or in the desired combination, provided you have already gained experience or have carried out preliminary projects on people analytics in the company.

If, for example, you would first like to determine whether your company and your HR department are already “fit” for the introduction of People Analytics, you can book module 1 “Location and Maturity Analysis” individually. You can find our offer in this regard under “People Analytics Fitness Check”. Or if you have already established initial approaches to people analytics in your company, but do not yet know exactly how to profitably develop this method, Building Block 4 “Defining a People Analytics Strategy” will help you move forward.

We will also be happy to assist you in selecting the most suitable module for your company.


Alternatively, we can also support a specific analytics project and thus answer one or more business-critical questions in a data-based, very specific way. We offer this as an on-demand service. We call our offer in this regard “People Analytics as a Service”. Such a project can be accompanied end-to-end – i.e. start with the clarification of the business question – or directly start with the execution of the statistical analyses. This then requires already available and clean data. Data analysis and preparation, as well as derivation of action-oriented measures, are carried out as dashboards or presentations, as desired.

Exemplary problems are:

How can we improve performance in sales?

How can our company become a more attractive employer?

How can we improve our talent management?

How can we reduce costs for qualification or invest them better?

What risk do we have in terms of top talent attrition? (or how can we reduce the turnover of our talent).

Which competencies / talents do we need to implement our company strategy?

How can we reduce SG&A costs?

Feel free to contact us to discuss your company-specific issues and advise on possible analysis approaches.