HR Technologies & HR Software

(independent of manufacturer)

The right selection and combination of HR technologies and software are crucial for digitization in the HR sector. HR Tech Consulting provides neutral and vendor-independent consulting services.

In addition, many companies are considering moving to the cloud with their HR technology and HR software. This shifts purchasing to leasing (cloud-based software is comparable to leasing). Currently, less than half of large enterprises and midsize companies are in the cloud. the cloud. Now that all well-known manufacturers (Oracle, SAP HCM/Successfactors, Workday and many more) have already committed to a 100% cloud strategy, it is important for you as a company to plan ahead. Set up projects and take action. Planning, deriving concrete measures and implementation (which usually takes longer than planning) are undertakings that we can tackle together with you.

Within the HR Technologies & HR Software consulting portfolio, we offer the following support:

Recording of the actual situation and evaluation of the requirements. HR technology/software selection recommendation

Market screening and vendor application for the selected field of action.

Evaluation of a pre-selection already made for an action area of the HR digital strategy. Pointing out implications or alternatives.

In addition, we offer HR project management for implementation (realization). The corresponding range of services can be found under Digitization in HR and the associated consulting package under HR Project Management.

All work and steps are always performed in close cooperation between HR and IT (and other involved areas, if applicable). This is the critical basis for the success of the projects. Here you can count on our experience and expertise in (multi-)stakeholder management.

Strategy & Roadmap

Strategy & roadmap development takes place in four phases:

HR Software - Strategie- & Roadmap Entwicklung in 4 Phasen - Schritt 1
HR Software - Strategie- & Roadmap Entwicklung in 4 Phasen - Schritt 2
HR Software - Strategie- & Roadmap Entwicklung in 4 Phasen - Schritt 3
HR Software - Strategie- & Roadmap Entwicklung in 4 Phasen - Schritt 4

First, the current situation is recorded for the selected field of action and existing requirements are evaluated. Not only today’s requirements, but also those of the future must be taken into account. Derived from your company’s IT strategy, the HR technology strategy is then developed. If this is already established, an evaluation or triage takes place according to the need for additions. Based on the previous results and taking into account the HR strategy of your company and division, recommendations for HR technology/software optimization are developed and a concrete roadmap for the focus topic is created. This provides the basis for the subsequent market screening and vendor evaluation.

Market screening & provider evaluation

If individual elements for parts of the employee lifecycle require replacement, modernization or automation, we support you with an open market screening incl. a market analysis. Vendor evaluation along business unit requirements. If these requirements have not yet been adequately defined, we complete them in the first step together with experts from your company (technical requirements elicitation).

The result of the strategy and roadmap development provides the content basis for a market screening, i.e. the search for suitable technology and/or software vendors (suppliers). Depending on the field of action, the range of possible options is larger or smaller. Complete solutions are distinguished from so-called best-of-bread (best possible solution for the respective).

Both classic RFI and RFP (Request for Information / Request for Proposal) processes can be used for vendor evaluation, or more modern methods such as interactive vendor workshops or hackathons can be conducted.

Evaluation of a pre-selection

If you have already (pre-)selected a specific technology or HR software and need support in the final evaluation or testing of its suitability with regard to your requirements, need to develop a decision template for it, or want to create the planning for implementation, we can gladly provide support.

Feel free to contact us and let’s talk about your individual needs. We are looking forward to your inquiry!