Start-up of the Month: HR Tech Consulting

Claudia Solomon

Who are you and what are you doing?
My name is Claudia Salomon and I founded HR Tech Consulting in 2021. With my company, I have made it my task to make human resources more digital and data-supported. Above all, we enable companies to identify and efficiently exploit the individual potential of their data through people analytics. After my experience in senior management HR at T-Systems, I was able to incorporate my knowledge and all of my personal learning into my idea of ​​an HR consulting company: a consultancy for HR digitization.

Why did you start and what HR problem do you want to solve with it?
I am of the opinion that hardly any company is already exploiting the potential possibilities of its digital environment. A large amount of HR data sits unused in the data silos of most companies. I want to change that and include this data, analyze it and turn it into business insights. My major concern is to put people at the center of digitization. With the use of people analytics, for example, it is possible to use existing data to significantly improve and simplify processes in the company and bring them up to date with digitization.

What is your long-term goal, your vision?
Our desire is to help a large number of customers to make better decisions and sustainable business results. We would like every company to recognize how important modern HR work can be and to anchor an exclusive human resources manager at the highest management level. In addition, more information should be provided about data-supported and digital HR work.