Pitch it! Menta – Leila – Libati – financial recruiter – HR Tech

In the new startup radar podcast, five founders again present their ideas. Look forward to Menta, Leila, Libati, finanzrecruiter and HR Tech. The founders each have 180 seconds to present their startup.

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Im Startup Radar Podcastours pitch podcast, five founders present their ideas in each issue. The founders each have 180 seconds to present their startup. This time, Menta, Leila, Libati, finanzrecruiter and HR Tech will appear on the virtual pitch stage. And now it starts!

Startup Radar #22 – The Podcast

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Startup Radar #22 – The startups

The young company Menta wants to make psychologists available to the masses. Users can watch video content on specific psychological topics on the platform for free, in the premium version users can participate in live group sessions.

The Berlin start-up Leila describes itself as a “digital platform for holistic fertility medicine”. The company, founded by Caroline Mitterdorfer, Silvia Hecher and Theresa Vilsmaier, aims above all to automate the diagnosis of fertility disorders”.

The young company Libati wants to make it easier for chronically ill people to stay in restaurants, hotels, etc. Users enter into the app which illness they are affected by or which foods they cannot tolerate, and the app then provides location suggestions that match these needs.

financial recruiter
finanzrecruiter from Munich positions itself as a “matching platform for financial service providers, brokers, insurance companies and companies”. finanzrecruiter takes over "the complete matching, the customers can concentrate on their core business".

HR Tech
The young company HR Tech has specialized in corporate and management consulting for the HR area and HR topics related to technologies, analytics and digitization. The start-up from Mettmann wants to focus particularly on digital transformation.

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