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People analytics (also HR analytics or workforce analytics) is an important part of the HR digitization of your company and stands for the analysis and linking of HR data with other relevant company data. With the use of this methodology, entrepreneurial decisions can be made using a well-founded database. People analytics helps to identify problem areas, recognize connections and uncover optimization potential. An introduction to the company can have a positive impact in all areas of the business and contribute to more efficient working methods and better decision-making processes. For certain questions, it is helpful and recommended to include external data sources in the analysis.

People analytics enables transparency with relevant key figures, the recognition of connections, critical patterns and effects and also allows a reliable forecast of future developments. This distinguishes people analytics from HR reporting and HR controlling, which are more descriptive. That is, they describe past or present things. In contrast, people analytics is a comprehensive and predictive approach.

With people analytics you draw on the full potential of digital technologies and algorithms to make better, data-supported decisions for your company and your employees. Studies show that companies that use advanced people analytics generate around 30% more profits than companies that do not use people analytics.

In the HR area, people analytics is playing an increasingly important role in deriving important impulses for business-related decisions.

Examples of problems are

  • What is your risk of losing top talent? (or how can you reduce your talent turnover?)
  • What competencies (skills)/talents do you need to implement your corporate strategy? Today and in the future.
  • How can you ensure that you are investing in the right training/education that will ensure your current and future business success?
  • What are the connections between the health rate and other factors in your company? (internal and/or external)
  • How do you deal with demographic changes and social challenges (diversity, equity & inclusion) in personnel planning?
  • What levers are there to improve the performance of your sales department?

We will be happy to support you with these and other questions. As experts in HR consulting for all aspects of people analytics, we develop and implement responsible, individual solutions. We work closely with you, data protection, IT and other operational bodies. With our HR consulting and the use of people analytics methods, you can save a lot of time that you can use in other ways in the future (e.g. for management development, employee experience or the introduction of modern working methods).

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