Monheimers help with digitization

The Monheim-based company HR Tech Consulting advises companies on how they can optimally use digitization for their operations.


The advancing digitization is shaping the world of work more and more. It is indispensable for the manufacture of products, transport and logistics and targeted marketing. No wonder that optimization through technology is also an increasingly relevant topic in the most important part of the working world, the people.

“Human Resources” is the business term for people working in a company. Founded in January last year in Monheim, HR Tech Consulting GmbH, a start-up company that now has eight employees, advises companies throughout Germany on how to obtain the necessary data to improve personnel efficiency.

This can involve the introduction of special programs or the targeted use of existing data in different areas of the company. "Creating knowledge from data", summarizes the managing director Dr. Claudia Salomon brings together the work in which existing data treasures in the company are to be uncovered and used in a strategy-optimizing manner. In this way, problem areas can be identified and confusing amounts of data can be translated and presented in an understandable way.

The doctor of economics and social science has already worked in the senior management of an international group and played a key role in setting up its own people analytics department. The advice should be strategic, creative, analytical and individual, and the goal must first be defined together with the customer. This can be, for example, an increase in turnover, lower fluctuation or improved use of training resources. Ideally, the collected data can show connections from which recommendations for action follow, keyword: design instead of administration.

The Monheim location is due to the family relationship of the managing director, the few office spaces are only rented. The employees are usually on the road for their projects, joint meetings in Gänselieselstadt are rare.

Joint activities such as a visit to Phantasialand are used for "team building" or - as is the case now - the setting for a small celebration. HR Tech Consulting received the Hipe Award for outstanding services in its second year of business. The company would like to continue to grow and is hoping for new employees who have "business knowledge and a passion for IT", according to the managing director.

Help on the way to digitization – There is a lot of knowledge in most companies. But this knowledge is often not used optimally. This is where the Monheimer HR Tech Consulting comes in, in order to turn knowledge into data, which the company can then use sensibly for the company's goals.
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