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Claudia Solomon

Claudia Salomon, the managing director of HR Tech Consulting

When it comes to the digital transformation in companies, one usually thinks of information technology, huge computer networks, paperless filing systems, AI or robots that do routine work for you. Companies that offer their products and services are also increasingly replacing analogue working methods with digital tools in customer contact in order to improve the workflow. This is by far not everything. It's about more - above all about the people who work in these companies today and who can by no means be replaced by machines. But they in particular are also affected by digital change. And that actually opens up opportunities for a number of improvements in the world of work.

In her newly founded company HR Tech Consulting, Claudia Salomon deals with modern opportunities for improvement in the area of ​​human resources. Because one thing is clear to her: “Despite all the technical advances of the last few decades, nothing works in companies without people, even if the fields of work are shifting. Nevertheless, modern technologies will play an increasingly important role in the future.” The expert in human resources has specialized in corporate and management consulting for many years. After working successfully for large companies in the telecommunications industry, she has now dared to go into business for herself in her late 40s. The know-how of the business administration graduate, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and PhD sociologist Claudia Salomon and her team in the technical as well as in the human resources area enables HR Tech Consulting perfectly to support companies with strategic, creative and analytical consulting approaches for digital HR transformation .

People Analytics: Digital technologies for HR

HR Tech Consulting offers a wide range of management advice. "We adapt to the needs of our customers and offer different options for cooperation accordingly," says Claudia Salomon. Her practical services relate primarily to the human resources area with regard to technologies, digitization and people analytics. The latter involves the analysis, evaluation and prediction of (company) developments based on combined personnel data.

PA offers companies opportunities to create transparency and optimize their HR processes. The digitization of work steps is a possible finding/derivation from the analysis.

The capacities that are freed up as a result can be used to respond more closely to the individual needs of employees and customers. Modern technologies ensure systematic analysis of HR data, which can then be linked to other company data in order to gain new insights that the data cannot provide without linking.

Above all, managing directors, HR/personnel managers, IT managers, etc. are addressed in the digitization of HR work, the associated data sources, tools and IT systems.

HR Tech Consulting imparts knowledge about modern, data-supported work. These include e.g. B. Knowledge of artificial intelligence, big data, augmented/virtual reality, data science or the possibility of working with KPIs - to name just a few examples.

"People who are interested can take advantage of our support in different ways," says Claudia Salomon. The offer includes workshops on special topics, location analyses, the development of digital HR strategies and implementation concepts. HR Tech Consulting offers everything from keynote speeches to answering specific business questions to complete HR project management.

HR Tech Consulting helps to recognize and use the value of existing data

Technology, analysis, IT systems ... If all this sounds too dry and sober, you should not miss a special offer: On a half-day or full-day inspiration tour through Monheim, the company location of HR Tech Consulting, ideas for future projects will bubble up on its own. The city of Monheim offers a nationwide fiber optic network, WiFi hotspots in the city area, an autonomous bus, smart parking and other pilot projects. "Sometimes it helps to touch and experience things yourself," says Claudia Salomon. "Our inspiration tour brings managers and executives to great ideas for their own company."

Most companies harbor hidden treasures in their data sets. It is Claudia Salomon's concern to convey to her customers how this volume of data can be managed in a business-relevant manner and how its potential can be used. Human resources is the greatest asset of any company. Responsible, data-supported handling of this reduces costs and makes risks, but also opportunities for a harmonious corporate culture visible.

The HR Tech Consulting team believes that it is high time to transform HR teams into a well-functioning strategic value-adding role as analysts - so that more capacity is freed up for strategic and value-adding activities in the HR area.

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We are a young, up-and-coming business and management consultancy specializing in people analytics and digitization in human resources. With our strategic, creative and analytical know-how from a single source, we enable managers and employees to understand people data and digital technologies and to use them for knowledge, innovation and sustainable business success.

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