Digital transformation

The digital transformation of the HR function affects the HR department holistically, i.e. from the HR strategy, HR processes and services to structures and HR IT systems. In order to meet the requirements and potential of the digital age and to align themselves appropriately with it, HR managers must urgently and intensively deal with digitization in HR. With us, you have a competent and reliable partner at your side who will work with you to deal with the core aspects of business and HR-relevant technologies and their potential uses in your company.

We support you on your way to a digital HR function, where you always have an overview and can react optimally to the business requirements of a dynamic environment.

HR digitization with new technologies enables you, for example:

  • To simplify and streamline HR processes and to digitally map them and thus support your company more professionally
  • Automate administrative activities and thereby save capacities and costs
  • To use new freedom for talent management and management consulting
  • Better user experience / employee experience
  • Establishment of modern, digital workplaces
  • To offer self-services with chatbots, artificial intelligence or machine learning
  • Improved HR collaboration
  • A technology-enabled strategic workforce planning
  • Digital recruiting
  • Safely implement data protection and compliance requirements
  • Use scalable cloud solutions for your HR IT systems
  • Digitizing documents and managing them digitally, e.g. personnel files

Through adequate digitization in HR, we connect people with your business strategy.

Our consulting offer for digital HR transformation:

If you are already further along and need direct support in selecting the technologies and software suitable for your application, we offer you appropriate consulting services in our HR Software categories.

Or first get an overview of the general possibilities of a digital HR function and use our HR Innovation Booster. In this workshop, we will work together to determine the potential of digitization for your HR function in order to show initial approaches for more efficient, modern and automated HR work.