Create job references quickly and easily - with the reference generator

Every employee is entitled to a work reference. A job reference only has to be created if the employee requests it. At the end of a vocational training relationship, however, the employer is always obliged to issue the certificate. The trainee does not have to request this first. The job reference must be issued no later than 4 weeks after leaving the company. Employees can also request an interim reference at any time for understandable reasons (e.g. end of probationary period, transfer, new supervisor). Even then, the employer must issue the certificate immediately. 

Certificates can vary in length and are written in a special certificate language. The certificate language is a technical language that is used in the creation of German-language qualified job references. On the basis of different rules and techniques, it is usually difficult for non-specialists to interpret statements about the performance and behavior of an employee. Inexperienced managers can quickly make mistakes when creating certificates and the certificate looks unprofessional or is incomplete and is also not legally secure. In order to avoid this problem and at the same time to keep the amount of work involved in creating certificates as low as possible, we recommend using a certificate generator. 

How does a job reference generator work? 

A job reference generator, also known as a reference manager, is HR software that can be used to create job references quickly and easily. Usually only four steps in the tool are necessary for the creation (example: Heaps of testimonial managers): 

  1. Select certificate type (e.g. interim certificate) 
  2. Enter employee data (manually or import) 
  3. Involve manager for evaluation (grades are assigned with a mouse click) 
  4. Download the correctly formulated and formatted certificate 

The software adheres to legal requirements, a correct reference language and error-free formulations, which means that qualified references can be created with little effort. Due to the ease of use and overview, the tool is user-friendly and transparent. 

The advantages at a glance: 

  • No previous knowledge necessary 
  • 100% legally compliant thanks to automatic updates 
  • Guaranteed data security 
  • Time-saving and efficient: The certificates are created directly in the tool 
  • Certificates can be issued in different languages
  • Error-free formulations 

There are now numerous service providers who offer a job reference generator as an HR software solution. The most well-known are:  

Using a reference generator not only makes it easier for the HR department to create references and saves time, but also takes another important step towards HR digitization.  

When will your company switch to a certificate generator? Or are you already using the appropriate software? Then please share your experiences with us!