5 new startups: HR Tech, Antsworker, Hyre, Carve8, heyflow

It's time for new startups again! Here are some very young startups that everyone should know about. Today we present these startups: HR Tech, Antsworker, Hyre, Carve8 and heyflow.

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deutsche-startups.de is once again presenting some young startups that have been launched recently, i.e. in the past few weeks and months, as well as companies that have recently woken up from stealth mode. By the way: There are even more new startups in our newsletter startup radar.

HR Tech
The young company HR Tech has specialized in corporate and management consulting for the HR area and HR topics related to technologies, analytics and digitization. The start-up from Mettmann wants to focus particularly on digital transformation.

From part-time gardening to professional offers, the Antsworker platform is intended to give service providers a platform on which they can place their offers at a fixed price free of charge. Users can then order and pay for the services directly as in an “online shop”.

Hyre is a “matching platform for junior sales talents”. The founders write about the concept: We look beyond the CV to create a selection of the best candidates, so you save time and avoid unconscious biases”.

The young company Carve8 sees itself as a car subscription platform in the premium segment. The target group are car dealers. The platform was developed together with automotive sales experts at Mercedes-Benz, tested as a pilot and continuously further developed.

At the no-code startup heyflow from Hamburg, previously known as Niro, everything revolves around marketing. The Hanseatic write on their own behalf: “You have already spent too much on marketing campaigns that do not convert. Heyflow helps you create, design and integrate interactive flows”.

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