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As a consulting company, we have specialized in human resources (HR). We help you to tackle the challenges of digitization and people analytics and to use them profitably for your company.

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Are you looking for a suitable software solution for HR (standard, analytics or specialized modules)?

Would you like to define and collect relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) or key performance drivers (KPDs) from HR and visualize them in a dashboard?

Are you already using the full potential of digital and autonomous possibilities for your HR processes?

Or are you facing other specific challenges in HR? (e.g. a high turnover rate)

If one of the topics applies to your company and the associated HR area, then you have come to the right place! We are THE consultancy for HR digitization and people analytics and help you to uncover existing data treasures in the company and to use them in a strategy-optimizing way. We support your company with individual challenges and questions with strategic, creative and analytical consulting approaches in the digital HR transformation.

Design instead of administration is our motto when it comes to digital innovations for your company. With us you get experts for the People Analytics, HR Digitization, HR Reporting and HR Software to the team. Our advice is practical and individually tailored to your company situation. HR Tech Consulting stands for creative HR solutions and digital HR structures that save you and your company time, money and energy.

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Every company has a huge amount of HR data, which is often stored unused in data silos and whose potential is not or not fully exploited. We want to change that and convert this data into knowledge that can be directly applied by people. In addition, it is important to us to enable our customers to independently recognize the value of their data. Our start-up therefore imparts knowledge about modern, data-supported work. This includes, for example, knowledge of artificial intelligence, big data, augmented/virtual reality or data science – to name just a few. For us, people are always the focus of digitalization, which is why imparting digital skills is an important cornerstone of our HR consulting. Together with you and your employees, we develop solution-oriented concepts that simplify your everyday work and optimize personnel processes. With US, you are opting for a transformation at the highest level in your HR digitization thanks to our innovative, analytical approaches. By recognizing and using the optimization potential of your HR area and the associated topics, we create space for you for (more) strategic tasks. If you want to learn more about it, visit our blogto find out about the latest developments in this area. 

Our range of services

People Analytics

More and more companies are already using the potential of digital technologies and using people analytics to make the best decisions for their employees and their company. With our HR consulting packages in the area of ​​people analytics, we solve your individual, entrepreneurial challenges in the HR area through the strategic analysis, processing and linking of data. This is how we lay the foundation for an optimal, data-based decision-making basis for all Human Resources issues.


HR Reporting

HR Reporting enables the definition and presentation of company-relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) for the HR department. With the new standard, important insights into the data world of HR can be achieved, which form a basis for further analyses. Success factors are defined, measured and then visualized (e.g. as a dashboard). In this way, problem areas can be identified and confusing amounts of data can be translated and presented in an understandable way. You keep track of relevant data and can use the newly gained knowledge in a targeted manner.


HR Digitization

Advance your company through the use of digitized and automated processes. Existing resources are used optimally and personnel capacities are deployed in a target-oriented manner. Discover the advantages of digital HR work and create the basis for modern, future-oriented working environments and employee experience (EX).


HR Software

We support you and your HR department in digitization with the right HR software for your company. With our expertise, we collect and analyze your requirements and find the right solution for your business needs. HR software can facilitate a wide variety of HR processes and issues, from recruiting and talent management to administration, payroll and time management.


Would you like to digitally transform your HR area and thus use resources, time, money and above all the available energy optimally?

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HR Tech Consulting

As a young, up-and-coming corporate and management consultancy specializing in people analytics and digitization in human resources, we provide the right impetus to make your company future-oriented. We are HR experts and we can also speak IT. With our know-how, we help managers and employees to understand people data and digital technologies and to use them in a targeted manner for their own corporate success. Founder and Managing Director of HR Tech Consulting GmbH, Dr. Claudia Salomon is an expert in people analytics with many years of experience and passion. She was active in various specialist and management positions and in management consulting in the Deutsche Telekom Group for over 20 years and therefore knows the HR challenges from practical experience. Analytical thinking coupled with creative solutions and an implementation-oriented approach characterize Claudia Salomon as the driving force behind HR Tech Consulting.


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